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Nunzia Calabresi February 9, 2021 Family Checklist

The traditional checklist, a long, handwritten list of tasks, has evolved along with new technologies. In the past, we would relish in the act of crossing off each task as it is completed. But in today`s technology-driven world, the checklist takes on a new form. Today`s checklist is probably typed into a computer or a Day Planner, and the emotional "cross off" has been transformed to the harsh tapping of the delete key. Despite technology, regardless of where you are moving, a checklist will be needed to help you get there.

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Being organized is vital as you try to keep your household clean and in good running order. Just as businesses use checklists to make sure that things get done, you too can use one to make sure you stay ahead of the clutter in your home. A thorough checklist and calendar system can help keep you accountable to your chores, and give your family the nice home they deserve. These three tips will show you the importance of housekeeping checklists and the accountability they can foster.

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In the ever widening circles of family and work, women need to reexamine their own lifestyles to manage stress and avoid burnout. Embracing a more balanced lifestyle means reconnecting with yourself and rediscovering the pleasure in the small things you used to do. These seven stress and management tips will help you learn how to create a more balanced life and manage your own stresses. Identify your five most important values which you can use as a "filter" to help you assess how you manage your time. This will help you decide which activities are worth pursuing and which you need to drop.

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You can do all this with a Daily Planning Sheet (you may have to create one), a pen, a timer, a calculator and a decision. It is best to do this on a computer and there is no more ideal tool than a Spreadsheet like Excel. You can work up a template (simple or complicated) that will allow you to do all the above points in just a few minutes (literally less than 5).

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Decide ahead of time how long you will devote to a specific task. That way as you are working on it, the knowledge that your allocated time is limited will hone your focus and sharpen your mind, allowing you to concentrate more fully on the task at hand. When you make appointments with other people, use scheduling software or a calendar to keep track of these time-bound events. Likewise, since you have taken the time to plan your day, be meticulous in keeping to your scheduled tasks. Do not let yourself be distracted.

weekly-chore-task-list-schedule-timeline-printable-template-must-to-do Family Checklist Chores Items List

Planning and Working are separate activities. We should not really mix the two actions. It is best to Plan and then Do. It is also best to plan early (either the morning of or the evening before). You do not work 24/7. So it is important to establish your duties hours. This can be your work period on the job, or even extend beyond our standard office time. For work-at-home folks this period may begin early and end late. You should establish a specific start time and an end time.

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