Meet Kirsten

I am Kirsten Kennedy, and I am running for Congress. As a Norwegian-born American, I never imagined wanting to work in our United States Capitol. However, it started at the local level, when I realized if I wanted to instill change, I needed to do it. So I ran for Mayor of North Branch. In my tenure as Mayor, I have made a point to work for all communities, be accountable for my city, and bring businesses, jobs, and vibrancy to my community. Now I’m looking to take my voice to Washington as a strong and unwavering voice for the 8th District. Following in the footsteps of my friend Congressman Rick Nolan will not be easy, but I will follow his lead in common sense and effective governance. I am Kirsten Kennedy, and an asking for your support to be the next U.S. Representative in the 8th Congressional District of Minnesota.