Mayor of North Branch, MN

(Above) July of 2016, a feature-length movie was filmed in North Branch, “The House of Tomorrow”. The stars were Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman, Asa Cunningham, Alex Wolff, and Maude Apatow. North Branch Mayor Kirsten Kennedy was very helpful in getting the films’ producers/director to film in North Branch. They didn’t even have to change the name on the police cars and uniforms once they decided to have the storyline take place in North Branch, Minnesota, instead of Iowa as the script indicated. The movie qualified for the Minnesota “Snowbate”, which gave them a 20% rebate on the $660,000 production costs spent in Minnesota. It certainly filled the local motels and eateries during the month they were here. They also had a casting call for over 100 extras from the area. The national and international release date is April 27th, 2018, with a Minnesota premiere date of May 25th.

The “I Love North Branch” campaign was created by Mayor Kirsten Kennedy. Scores of businesses and organizations participated, promoting North Branch.